Name: Cherise Rene’

What is your nationality/Culture: African-American :)

What types of music do you listen to?

I grew up on R&B, Hip-hop, & Pop music but I listen to literally anything that’s good. Alternative, Classical, Indie, K-pop(GDGD Baby Baby <3 ), J-pop, Latin..the whole lot lol.

Novels/Books: Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, Harry Potter series, anything Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Alice Walker..etc

How old are you?

I’m 21

Where did you grow up/live: 

I’m American, i was born & raised in Washington (state). My parents are however from Washington D.C./ Mississippi & most of my biological family lives on the east-coast or the south.

What do you do for fun/ out of boredom:

Video games, Listen to music, tumblr, writing, study different languages, hangout with people, read. 

Fav video games:

Assassins creed series, Grand theft auto series, God of war series, Kingdom Hearts series, Uncharted series, Dragon Age series, All Mario games, Gameboy poke’mon many (mainly RPGs)

Would you consider yourself a Tomboy?

Yes/no. I don’t like labels. I like being vulgur, loud , and play video games-& i prefer jeans & T-shirt to dresses & heels BUT I can be very overdramatic, I love make-up, hairstyles, whenever i see a bug in my room i contemplate burning the house down (jk!) & I love decorating my walls with posters of my future husband(s)  :)

Dating preference: 

Literally my taste in guys changes like the seasons…I don’t have a set type..but I love guys with dark hair, brown eyes, foreign-born, accents, cultured, down-to earth, funny..(If most of these apply to you- hollllaaa-jk- no but really though.) 

Do you speak any other languages:

A little Spanish, yes.  I study Italian, Japanese & Korean(so hard) in my spare time. (How else am I supposed to impress foreign men?) I’m aiming to be a polyglot by the time I’m 30 aha 

Thanks for reading! Wanna know more? Just ask!